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The Garfield Family Tree

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Edward Garfield
President James A. Garfield
An interactive family tree to explore the many different branches of the family.  I will be adding a bit over time as this is a large  project to set up.  If you look in the Indexes you can see a list arranged either by surname or reference number (more on numbers below).  The lists are linked to spreadsheets displayed by Google Drive and now contain links to a person's Records, Photos and Tree page all which will open in a new tab. For now, I am using one sheet, I may eventually break it down by surname if the list gets to be unwieldly. 

Sources are being cited to information across the site and colored red and green.  The colors merely indicate whether I have the actual scan of the source (green) or just a transcript (red) of the source.  If information is not cited I have no official record in my file.

Finally, Reference Numbers.  I have done away with my Grandfather's old system of reference numbers as it was too hard to add new individuals or generations before Edward Garfield who came to America.  I won't get into the technicalities of my system but it functions more like our Social Security Numbers so each individual has their own unique seven digit number.  This, however, does not make it possible to tell which generation an individual is associated with but does allow me to easily add new individuals anywhere in the tree.  For the individuals that already have an old reference number I will list both numbers in the Indexes for easier reference to those that may already have those numbers in use.